Teamster Power Slate Releases Teamster Rail Conference Priorities

The Vairma–Herrera 2021 Teamster Power Slate has a plan to assure that the Teamster Rail Conference continues to play a central role in leading the Rail Labor movement.  We are the only Slate in this year’s election that understands the key to successful Rail Conference leadership begins with Rail Conference representation on the IBT’s General Executive Board.

Dennis Pierce is a Teamster Power Slate candidate for Vice President At-Large, acknowledging Brother Pierce’s national standing amongst all of Rail Labor.  Brother Pierce has been the National President of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Division of the Teamsters Rail Conference, and the President of the Rail Conference, for nearly 11 years.  The BLET is the oldest union in North America, and is the founding division of the Rail Conference.  The 70,000-member Rail Conference also includes the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division and, combined, the BLET and the BMWED represent over one-third of America’s railroad workers, who belong to 12 craft-based unions.“

Under Brother Pierce’s leadership, the BLET has been a consistent consensus builder:

  • from creating and leading bargaining coalitions among Rail Labor unions with common positions and goals;
  • to joint participation in lobbying for rail safety legislation;
  • to fighting against those who would weaken rail safety regulations;
  • to litigating against federal regulatory agencies that allow railroads to weaken or skirt safety regulations.

This coalition solidarity in action has led to consecutive BLET National Freight Agreements containing real wage increases, protection of one of the very best health care plans in the country, and protection of beneficial work rules.  These National Agreements were overwhelmingly ratified by the BLET membership in 2012 and 2017.  Under Brother Pierce’s leadership, BLET is now in bargaining for a new National Freight Agreement and is part of the largest rail labor coalition assembled in recent history.  Eleven Unions representing 85,000 rail workers are part of this BLET-led coalition, a true showing of union solidarity.  And a BLET-led litigation coalition has reversed two anti-worker/anti-safety decisions initiated by the previous Federal Railroad Administration during the past six months.

As union coalition builder, Brother Pierce knows that true solidarity can only be attained by acknowledging and respecting each union’s autonomous right to pursue its members’ interests without interference.  The solidarity built by Brother Pierce’s approach has been long-standing, and is supported by virtually all of the Rail Labor unions.

Steve Vairma and Ron Herrera embrace this approach, and believe that electing Dennis Pierce as Vice President At-Large as part of the Vairma–Herrera 2021 Teamster Power Slate will improve the solidarity-building efforts of the IBT General Executive Board, and strengthen the Rail Conference in its efforts on behalf of all Rail Teamsters.  Support Dennis Pierce for Vice President At-Large and the entire Vairma–Herrera 2021 Teamster Power Slate!