Statements From Teamster Power Slate Turning In Accreditation Petitions

For Immediate Release       September, 31 2020

The Vairma/Herrera 2021 Teamster Power Slate turned in petitions to the IBT Office of Election Supervisor today to qualify the seventeen candidates identified with the slate for accreditation for the 2021 IBT International Election. The Teamster Power Slate engaged in a nationwide, nine-week blitz to accredit their slate. We hit hundreds of worksite locations across the nation, more than exceeding our goals and collecting enough valid signatures necessary to accredit the slate for the 2021 Election.

Steve Vairma, Candidate for IBT General President

“I am extremely proud of the Teamster Power Slate candidates and volunteers. Across every region of our great nation, we saw tremendous support for our slate. The members we spoke to were incredible and I deeply appreciate their support. They shared with us their concerns, their hope for the future of our union and responded well to our ideas and message of hope, unity, and diversity. In six short months we have built a campaign that will unite this union, bring about a new era of leadership that reflects the diversity of our members and build power for our members at the bargaining table to protect our pensions and win stronger contracts. We look forward to the next phase of this campaign and are proud of the slate candidates we are presenting to the members as they choose their new leaders.”

Ron Herrera, Candidate for IBT General Secretary Treasurer

“I joined this slate because I believe that this is the group of leaders that will best represent our diverse membership and these great Teamster Power Slate leaders have been nothing short of amazing. Several candidates in this race have believed that their ascension to power was inevitable. Of course, we all know that the selection process for leadership of our great union is not a coronation but instead, a democratic election. We have listened to our members and assembled a slate that reflects the diversity of our Teamsters members and created the opportunity for our members to have a meaningful choice in our 2021 IBT General Election. Thanks to the hard work of our slate candidates, volunteers, and the tremendous support from Teamster members in support of our slate. I passionately believe that we must reject any candidate who promises unity, while creating division simply to advance their own political power. We should embrace leaders that put members first and embrace our diversity. If we do that, I believe that the Teamster Power Slate will be remarkably successful in this election.”