Brothers & Sisters,

As you consider who will lead our union into the next great era of our history, you deserve to know the core values of those you are electing. The Teamster Power Slate believes in the following ten core values to unify our members and lead us towards a stronger future:

1. We believe in a vision of our great Teamsters Union that is aspirational, that mobilizes the collective strength of all our members – not a select few. We seek solutions to our greatest challenges as a union and will be accountable for our results.

2. We will fight for a Teamsters Union that knows no employer can defeat our members when we stand firmly together and refuse to let anyone divide us. Through unity, not division, we will fight for better contracts and protect our members benefits and pensions.

3. We will build a Teamsters Union that aggressively organizes new members and wins first contracts, with a legion of Teamster brothers and sisters who actively support that fight.

4. We will ensure our leadership reflects its membership by building a Teamsters Union that values the diversity and experience of our members. We will prioritize and promote leadership and input from Teamster Members of every gender, background, faith, race and ethnicity.

5. We will always work for our members and lead a Teamsters Union that knows exactly when a company has crossed a line and is willing to execute its collective power of industrial action.

6. We will organize our Teamsters Union to where members actively engage in not only Union elections, but all elections that will shape the future of labor from this day forward.

7. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with our members and other unions against anti-union employers and politicians that seek to attack our members rights on the job, at the ballot or in the legislative/regulatory process.

8. We will honor and celebrate a Teamsters Union that unabashedly takes pride in its achievements and is determined to build on them – not detract from them by attempting to destroy those who fought before us.

9. We will chart a new, strategic path to growth and strength based on the highest ideals, principles, and traditions of our members, the best and brightest in the Labor Movement.

10. We will bring our Teamsters Union into a new era that seeks out and values the collective power of more than 1.4 million members – not the egos of a handful of leaders who profess much but deliver little.

Together, we can build a better, stronger Teamsters Union with a reverence for the past and a big, bold vision for the future for Teamster brothers and sisters across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.


The Teamster Power Slate