Get Ready to Make History on October 4

 To Our Fellow Teamsters,

The Office of Election Supervisor announced last week that ballots in the 2021 Teamster Election for General President will mail on October 4th. Teamster members can expect to receive a mail ballot to choose our next General President by Mid-October. Ballots must be returned by 9:00 am on November 15, 2021.

This election is now in your hands. You will help us make history by supporting the most experienced and diverse slate in the history of the Teamsters. You will help us reject the politics of division and elect a new group of exciting leaders who will bring our union into the future.

Our opponents Sean O’Brien and Fred Zuckerman just do not get it. They are running a campaign based on fear and division. They are obsessed with their own egotistical, personal vendettas of the past and lack a clear vision for the future. They talk like tough guys but have never delivered the results to move this union into the future.

With me, you will never have spin. I will always be transparent. I will always tell the truth to this membership. I’m writing today to ask you to put your faith into me, because that’s what it is, it’s faith. I am honored to move this union forward. I believe in all the people who I represent, and with your help and your hard work, we are going to win this campaign, we’re going to lead this union into a bright new future.


We cannot defeat the forces of division and fear in our union without your help. Please chip in to help us defeat the OZ/TDU slate by making a small contribution or signing our online pledge card.Teamster Power is more than a slogan. It is a core value of our union that when our members stand together, they can accomplish anything. Let’s win this election together.

In Solidarity,
Steve Vairma

Member Survey

To Our Teamsters Brothers and Sisters, 

 Soon, you will see more about Teamster Power Slate’s vision for our Union and proposals to build our strength and empower our members in our feature spread in the Teamster magazine. A fundamental promise we make to every Teamster is that we will NEVER use your contract negotiations or ratification votes as political weapons to divide our members. Members deserve better. You deserve leaders who put aside petty squabbles when it is time to bargain contracts.

As a demonstration of our commitment and promise to you, today we announce our plan to develop reforms in the way our union negotiates national agreements, including provisions to allow these final agreements to be approved or rejected by the members through a simple majority vote. Our proposal will also include reforms to protect our members’ contract negotiations from being manipulated for political purposes by irresponsible leaders and outside groups. We will offer our proposal as a constitutional amendment at the 2021 Teamster Convention. We will engage Teamster members in this process, using your ideas and input to build that plan.  We are starting this process today with the link to a member survey below. You can help us prioritize several critical issues and offer up ideas of your own. We are here to listen. 

Unfortunately, our opponents in this race are working hard to divide and destroy hard working Teamsters, using the 2018 UPS agreement as the centerpiece of their deceptive, negative attacks on current union leadership – a role many of them hold today. What they fail to tell you is many of the candidates on their slate supported the 2018 UPS agreement and even had a direct hand in negotiating some of the least popular provisions of the current contract and supplements.  Our opponents are disguising themselves as reformers to hide their own deeply flawed record from members.  

Worse still, they have aligned themselves with the same reckless leaders and outside organizations that have sewn division in our union for decades – engaging in relentless attacks on their fellow Teamsters – while falsely promising to unify our union. This irresponsible behavior is a threat to you and the future of our union. 

We are pursuing these reforms because we will not allow Teamster members’ contracts to be used for political cannon fodder by irresponsible leaders and outside groups. Members want change. We hear you. Together, we will put forward proposals for Convention delegates to debate at our union convention – and resolve to make the 2021 campaign for Teamsters General President about how to make members’ lives better, fight for stronger contracts, and build a more powerful, more diverse union from the bottom up. 

If you share our vision to build a stronger Teamsters union, please join our campaign at

In Solidarity, 

Steve Vairma – Candidate for Teamster General President

Ron Herrera – Candidate for Teamster General Secretary-Treasurer