AFL-CIO Announcement

We are at a pivotal moment to change working families’ lives across the country, not just by electing new Teamster leadership to transition us to the future, but also by taking bold steps to bring all of labor to the table to make real progress toward fairness and justice for working men and women. I want to begin negotiations to re-enter the AFL-CIO as soon as I take office so we can collectively take on the major challenges that face all of labor, including those posed by Amazon, automation and the gig economy. Already, Ron Herrera, my partner and candidate for Teamster General-Secretary, leads the LA Labor Federation, one of the largest labor federations in the U.S. Countless other Teamsters sit on state and local AFL-CIO chapters. Together, we’ve made major improvements by electing a pro-labor President, and flipping the Senate. Now is the time to seize on the momentum to reform labor law, secure voting rights, and protect pensions and retirement security. It’s time for us to rebuild labor’s coalition and make substantial, lasting change.” – Steve Vairma